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About Damage Inc 4x4
Click here to view our bylaws.
Damage Inc 4x4 is a four-wheeling club full of enthusiasts that love to go go wheelin'. Damage Inc is not restriced to just Jeeps, Chevys, Dodges, etc...it is a club for everyone. We try to plan yearly trips to different trails for weekend runs, with a couple trips to Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri throughout the year as well. Everyone in the club adheres to a strict policy of tread lightly while providing fun for both families and individuals. Damage Inc 4x4 is recognized by the state as being a non-profit incorporation. 

We have a small list of vehicle requirements which must be met by everyone currently in the club and by anyone wishing to be in the club as well. You can view the requirements here.

We also have a set of club rules/bylaws which must be followed by all members of the club.
To apply for membership to Damage Inc 4x4, please go to the Contact Us page and fill out the application. Membership fee is $35 per year. The membership fee pays for your club sticker, copy of the club bylaws, a copy of the vehicle requirements, membership in the Iowa Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs and Midwest 4-Wheel Drive Association. If you are a member of IA4WDC then you are covered under their insurance which means you can go wheeling at some of the private lands they have available to them.